Vision Sunday: New Beginnings

February 14, 2018

God never grows weary or tired and He's always ready to do something fresh and new in our lives! 2018 is an incredible opportunity for New Beginnings in families, marriages, careers and ministry. Yesterday is over and God is ready to do something new and powerful in your life! Get ready for a year of New Beginnings!


2018 Toolkit: The Tithe

January 30, 2018

One thing we’re all sure to deal with in 2018 is money. Getting it, spending it, saving it and making it stretch will be on all of our radars, but God wants to put something on our radar that will take our experience with money to the next level. 


2018 Toolkit: Invest In Relationships

January 23, 2018

God has created us for community and relationships. Busy lives can often leave little time for the people that matter most, but we need quality relationships more than we sometimes realise. These relationships don’t flourish automatically, they need time invested to make them grow. Find out how you can be strengthened by investing into your relationships in 2018.


2018 Toolkit: Setting Up Systems

January 16, 2018

All of us want to be successful at what we do, but sometimes we find ourselves going after the right thing, in the wrong way. Find out how setting up systems could be the missing link you need to see your goals become your reality in 2018.


2018 Toolkit: Vine Life

January 9, 2018

God see's 2018 as a fruitful year for you. He want's to fill your life with brilliant fruit that brings blessing to your life and glory to His name. The key to our fruitfulness is our connection to the 'vine life' of Jesus. 


God’s Not Finished With You Yet

January 9, 2018

Through our ups and downs and the in-between, God is always working in and on our lives. He's not finished with you yet!


All These Emotions: Highs and Lows

December 19, 2017

Highs and lows are part of the package when it comes to our emotions. Not even Jesus was exempt from this rollercoaster ride. How can we handle the ups and downs and not go crazy?


All These Emotions: Mastering Your Emotions

December 12, 2017

Emotions are real and we feel them deeply, but they don’t define who we are. In this message Guest speaker Mark Godfrey gives us keys on how to master our emotions.


All These Emotions: Don’t Worry

December 9, 2017

“Don’t worry,” Jesus said. Why did he say it? Anxiety is an emotion plaguing our generation. If this principle is ever relevant it is relevant today! Worrying about tomorrow can rob us of experiencing all the joys and pleasures of today.


Back to Basics: Holy Spirit

November 28, 2017

The Holy Spirit brings power to our lives, the kind of power we need to live out all that God has called us to do. He is not reserved for the mature in faith or for church leaders only, He is promised to us all!