What Time Is It? - You’ve Got Rocks in Your Head (Part 5)

February 2, 2016

How do we position ourselves to take advantage of the opportunities God has for us this year? If we want to position ourselves to take advantage of the opportunities that God will provide to us, we need to constantly Recognise, Review and Release our 'rocks' - our priorities, promises, lies and limiting beliefs - back to Him.


What Time Is It? - Time to Look Out (Part 4)

January 27, 2016

Guest artist Marksman Lloyd shares his personal journey through song and spoken word, and encourages all of us to look out beyond ourselves in part four of WHAT TIME IS IT?


What Time Is It? Look Up (Part 3)

January 19, 2016

God is a dreamer & the giver of dreams! Not only does God plant dreams in our hearts but He's also given us the ability to dream, to imagine, to see beyond the now and to dream about what's possible in the future. We've all felt dreams stirring in our hearts at different times, but what would happen if we intentionally made time to focus on our dreams, creating moments to look up and dream about what's possible beyond the here and now?


What Time Is It? Finding Focus (Part 2)

January 12, 2016

Our time is spent on so many different things and given to so many different people and activities. Our lives can become so full that when we look back over our days and weeks, they can sometimes feel like a blur. Jesus life and ministry was busy to say the least. Traveling from town to town, speaking to vast crowds of people, and dealing with the hostility of the religious leaders of His day. Yet in the midst of this, Jesus found time to focus on certain relationships that needed His time the most. How can we learn from Jesus, to find the right focus points in our lives?


What Time Is It? (Part 1)

January 4, 2016

Right now is the perfect time for something in your life. The question is - What is it? When we know what time it is for us right now, we can find rest in letting that 'thing' be worked into our life. When we know what time it is, we cease from striving for things that are not supposed to happen right now, and save our energy for the thing that is!