The Gift: Filled & Fuelled!

March 22, 2016

Over and over again in the book of Acts the bible makes mention of people being ‘Filled' with the Holy Spirit! It’s mentioned so many times that you can’t help but get the idea that God is trying to make a point. God has poured out His Spirit as an incredible Gift and He want’s as many people as possible to be filled! Filled so we can live lives that are powerfully fuelled!


The Gift that Keeps on Giving

March 15, 2016

The Holy Spirit is the Gift that keeps on giving! Throughout the book of Acts we see Him empowering ordinary people to boldly spread the message of Jesus, heal the sick and bring the love and life of God to every place they went! Today, He wants to do the same through us.


The Gift That Changed Everything

March 8, 2016

God has an incredible Gift that He wants everybody to know about and receive. This is one of those gifts that when you receive it, changes everything!