LEAD: The Hardest Person to Lead

July 12, 2016

All of us have experienced people who are difficult to lead, but who is the hardest person to lead? If you look in the mirror you'll find the answer, it's you! You are your hardest person to lead! How can we lead ourselves better, so we'll be ready to lead others at our best?


LEAD: The Way We Lead Matters

July 8, 2016

Leadership is an amazing privilege that carries with it great responsibility. Leaders shape peoples lives, so that means the way we lead matters! The bible teaches us the best way to lead, leadership by love.


LEAD: Becoming a Bigger Person

June 28, 2016

All of us have the potential to become better leaders! But to become a better leader on the outside, we need to become bigger people on the inside. Great leaders have done exactly that, they’ve become bigger people. What can we do today, to become a bigger person for tomorrow?


LEAD: The Sphere

June 20, 2016

All of our lives have been shaped in some way by the influence of people around us. In the same way, you too have a spear of influence that effects the lives around you. Leadership expert John C Maxwell says “Leadership is Influence!” So if you have influence on any level, then you are a leader. How we lead matters, so let’s lead well!