Good Success: Success That Doesn’t Make Sense

February 9, 2017

Good success comes through our partnership with God. There’s things that we get to do in the process, but then there’s things that only He can do! Sometimes God likes to do things that don’t seem to make any sense. His presence in our lives attracts crazy favour and makes a way for success that we could never achieve on our own.


Good Success: Starting Points

January 31, 2017

Every success story has a starting point. Nobody just starts out as an instant success in something. Even an overnight success is normally years in the making. It's a journey and you've gotta start somewhere. So what are some great ways to start moving towards achieving our goals? How can we start well and head in the direction of good success, the kind of success that God gives?


Good Success: Set For Success

January 24, 2017

All of us desire to achieve in areas of our lives and God wants to give us success in what we put our hands to. Not just any kind of success, but ‘good success!’ So what is good success and what is the path God has laid out for us to find it? How can we aim and hit our target, reach and achieve our goals? Join us in this series as we discover the way to good success.