Deeper: God in a Box

November 15, 2016

As we journey through life with God, we can become so familiar in our perception of Him that we begin to place Him in a box. It's time to lift the lid and see God for who He truly is, and get a bigger vision as we seek to go deeper in our relationship with our incredible God.


Deeper: God is Good

November 8, 2016

He is our good, good Father, who wants to withhold no good thing from his children. Our belief in His goodness cultivates our desire for His presence and allows us to respond properly to trials and obstacles knowing God is on our side.


Deeper: Launch Out into the Deep

October 31, 2016

God is calling us to launch out into the deep, and apply the spiritual law of faith to our life. What are you believing God for?


Deeper: He Loves Me

October 25, 2016

Take us past knowledge, beyond understanding into the realm of experience. May the truth that we are deeply loved be our unshakable foundation, drawing us ever closer to Him.


Deeper: Deeper in Me

October 21, 2016

The beginning of going deeper in God, is letting God go deeper in us. Past our walls, beyond our layers and into the deepest parts of our hearts.